5 best Android games available right now! You Should Download now

Call Of Duty

Price: Free to Play

Call of Duty: Mobile is live after a troubled launch - CNET

we start with call of duty mobile to even got to describe call of duty it is the hottest first-person franchise within the world and as soon because the game was released for mobile devices it had been a moment success the realistic graphics are an enormous a part of it but credit must tend to the games features also multiple game modes to settle on from each with a singular twist on the familiar gameplay from weapons an loadouts you’ll customize to unlocking achievements there’s plenty to love about Call of Duty mobile and if you haven’t joined the many players already now’s the simplest time to try to to so

Asphalt 9: Legends

Price: Free To Play

Asphalt 9: Legends - Official Launch Trailer - YouTube

we have asphalt 9 legends asphalt 9 is another super popular game and with an honest reason the graphics are so good you begin wondering how smartphones are often so powerful lately yeah sure the particular driving experience is way from realistic since your car spends longer flipping through the air than actually using its tires and therefore the steering is just about automatic but it’s beat the name of entertainment during this game delivers thereon front also exotic hyper cars detailed maps challenging opponents has it about what if you would like a gameplay that’s part.

Metal madness pvp

Price: Free To Play

METAL MADNESS PvP 0.40.2 Apk + Mod for Android - GAME4N

this weird creation metal madness PvP choose the vehicle strap a weapon to its roof and enter stage where other players have done an equivalent and can’t wait to destroy you into pieces sounds fun right it’s you’ll choose a quick and agile sports car or a slow but durable truck whatever fits your playstyle best earn rewards and upgrades your death machine to form it more efficient and thereupon more fun to drive around and shoot things now speaking of shooting a things you will be doing that tons while playing.

Left to Survive

Price: Free to play

Left To Survive Basics: Learning How To Survive | BlueStacks 4

survive initially glance may be a “> it is a classical zombie survival first-person shooter but there are two elements you do not usually see in such games there’s solo then 2 versus 2 player versus player mode that’s right when the apocalypse hits people often turn against one another so if mindless zombies are too boring for you other players will certainly cause you to fight for your survival and second airborne missions shooting enemies from a helicopter is a nice change of pace plus it’s really satisfying if we’ve to be honest as promised all that comes in high detail graphics

Bright Memory

Price: Free To Play(ISO)

Save 20% on Bright Memory on Steam

graphics bright memory is during a class of its own it simply looks stunning we’re not even talking console level but straight up PC level details you’ll quickly tell you’re in PC territory just by seeing that there are polling quote minimum and recommended chips for this game but albeit you’ve got a top-tier phone there are a few of belongings you should know before you get too excited first it is a paid game and granted not an upscale one but even a few of dollars are a barrier for many people lately and second the story game play provides only lasts about an hour but what an hour that’s action sequences like you’ve never seen during a mobile first-person shooter the shortness of the sport is unfortunate but if you would like to experience what most games will look
like during a year or two reallocate your
morning coffees budget and feast your
eyes on bright memory.


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